tunaipsum.com Generator Plugin

Here is the plugin I wrote to power tunaipsums.com’s content generator. I tried writing it in a way that makes it easy to expand upon and modify, but it’s still a very early set of code.

A Fishier Lorem Ipsum Generator

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, simply add the [get-fishier] shortcode where you would like to display the generator form and generated content. I’m going to add attribute support, but for now, that does not function. You can put content inside the shortcode however. This shows above the generator form and below the generated content.

Example use:

[get-fishier]Does your lorem ipsum text long for something a little fishier? Give our generator a try… it’s fishy![/get-fishier]

I’ll probably turn this into a WordPress.org plugin if it gets accepted.

If you use the code somewhere, let me know by posting a link here or sending @chrisjean a tweet.

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