What is Tuna Ipsum?

Simply put, it’s a blatant rip of Bacon Ipsum. I received the link from a friend pointing me to the site. I went to the about page, which stated, “If you want to make your own tunaipsum.com, knock yourself out.” I took that as a challenge and had the domain registered minutes later.


Is there a vegan/vegetarian version?

Yes!  My friend over at Bacon Ipsum and I both recommend and have frequently used the meat-free lorem ipsum generator at lipsum.com.


You’re missing a fish.  Can you add more?

There are always other fish in the sea, and I’m sure that they will find their way here eventually. Send a missing fish to me (@chrisjean), and if I don’t find anything fishy with it, I’ll get it added to the database.


Can you add dolphins?

No.  Dolphins are not a kind of fish, and I’m already stretching it by including all these kinds of fish when the site declares itself to be about tuna.  If you want to make your own dolphinipsum.com, knock yourself out.


Can you add whales?

Seriously? Does no one know that dolphins and whales are mammals and not fish? Please see the above and replace the word “dolphin” with “whale.”


How did you make this site?

Fortunately, most of the work was done for me. WordPress provides the backbone of the entire site and easily saved hours, if not days, of preparation. baconipsum.com uses the current WordPress default theme, Twenty Twelve, that was slightly modified. I followed suit on that. Brad Ulrich created the header and favicon graphics. Ronald Huereca gathered the database of fish names. I got inspiration for the generation code from PHP Lorem Ipsum by Mathew Tinsley. The rest was just blood, sweat, and Barq’s Root Beer for a few hours.

Once I have the code cleaned up, I plan on adding both the theme and the plugin that powers the generator to the site so that others can download and play around with it.

Build your own *ipsum site with the code used to power this one. Details here.


Do you have a picture of a man eating tuna?

Indeed I do.

A fat guy and his tuna